Weekly Virtual Yoga Class

Have you heard about the benefits of yoga but aren't comfortable rolling up into a yoga studio? Are you worried about not fitting in a yoga class and worried going into a yoga space will cause more stress than it will relieve?

Try out this therapeutic yoga class that is welcome to all bodies! This class focuses on reconnecting to yourself and your body while exploring practices to help bring your system back into balance to build a sense of ease.

You deserve time to reconnect to yourself and bring balance back into your life!

Revive your spirit with this 60 minute class that integrates all the aspects of yoga, including physical postures, breath, energetic practices, relaxation, and meditation.

The class will focus on a new theme every week to support an alignment in mind, body, and spirit. We will explore different practices that you can integrate into your life off the mat to support a more balanced life. Sliding scale pricing available when you register.

Every Friday 9am PST